November, 2016

High net-worth donors: Impact on major gift fundraising

By Angela White, senior consultant and CEO, Johnson Grossnickle and Associates Major gift donors are crucial for the ongoing sustainability of your nonprofit’s mission. In fact, high net-worth donors often provide as much as 94 percent of the funds for nonprofit campaign initiatives. So, it is important that we understand their giving patterns, preferences and […]

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Design thinking: a human-centered approach to transform work

By Teresa Tatum, marketing manager, SmallBox The reality of modern business is one of ever-accelerating evolution and change. New technologies can uproot and transform entire industries, from new service models to new devices to new ways of working. These realities put tremendous pressure on organizations to adapt quickly. But evolving just to keep up can […]

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Solving conflict? Can be as easy as child’s play

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Except for a few Revolutionary War buffs, few people have likely heard of French nobleman Comte de Rochambeau. Rochambeau fought with the colonists against the British, and there’s an old tale that he and George Washington played rock, paper, scissors in a tent shortly after the British surrendered at […]

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Students embrace opportunity to move forward

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Britany Cooper dropped out of school at 18, and learned about YouthBuild from her cousin. He heard about the program to finish high school from his mom who picked up a flier. Inspired, Cooper called the same day to get into the program. While the majority of students in […]

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YouthBuild Indy offers hands-on education

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors The refrain is a familiar one, and young people hear it all the time: “Study hard, go to college, get a good job.” For many students, it’s great advice. In a competitive marketplace, a good education is vital. Rodney Bussell, program director at YouthBuild Indy, is all for studying […]

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Discover another way to manage time using seven steps

By Stefanie Krievins, coach and founder, The Heart Projects One of the great equalizers among humans is that weekly we all have a total of 168 hours. From the CEO to the receptionist to the HR director to the development director to the case manager, it’s the same number. As 2016 approaches its end, each […]

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