7 key considerations for analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on nonprofit financial reporting

by Sarah Gregory, CPA, CFE, director, Alerding CPA Group With COVID-19 having an unprecedented impact on the operations of nonprofit organizations, it’s critical, as a nonprofit leader, financial/accounting professional, auditor or board member, to consider the impact it may have on your year-end financial reporting for 2020. As your team closes out its financial records […]

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The overlooked benefits of outsourcing nonprofit accounting

By Jim Simpson, CPA and director, Financial Technologies & Management In the nonprofit community, outsourcing typically means long-term delegation of key operation to outside experts. The accompanying expectation is improvement of the quality, strengthening effectiveness, and lowering or controlling costs. A key difference in the nonprofit sector is not only controlling costs, but becoming a […]

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Proposed changes to nonprofit financial reporting

By Chris Mennel, audit manager, Alerding CPA Group |  A new proposed accounting standard could dramatically impact the current financial reporting methods for the more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States. Financial reporting in nonprofits was largely affected in 1993 by the issuance of Financial Accounting Standard No. 116 and Standard No. 117 […]

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More cost effective and efficient nonprofit accounting operations

By Jim Simpson, CPA and director, Financial Technologies & Management | Since 1999, we have helped over 350 nonprofit organizations throughout the Midwest improve their accounting operations and become more cost effective and efficient. Based on experience, here are some experience-based insights that can help boost your nonprofit accounting operations. Let’s start by dispelling the […]


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