Why advertise a job?

With a post in the NFP News, you can reach an audience of nonprofit leaders, volunteers and students. NFP News’ online job board attracts thousands of nonprofit professionals working in Central Indiana and others outside the area who wish to relocate.

Beyond the 14,000 weekly subscribers, many readers forward job postings to friends and colleagues or refer individuals to the online job board.

13,000 subscribers receive the Not-for-profit News

42% weekly open rate for Not-for-profit News

Over 17,000 monthly visitors to the Job Board

Over 700 applications submitted monthly

Job Post Features

$ 245

per job posting
  • Two weeks in the Indianapolis Not-for-profit News
  • Up to 30 days posted on job board
  • Posting on social media channels
  • Unlimited word count on job descriptions
  • Candidate screening questions
  • Free Applicant Tracking System with all applicants in one place

Save time with candidate-screening questions:

Screening questions can save time. Our system offers the option of including candidate-screening questions as part of the resume submission process. This allows the employer to receive resumes and candidate responses simultaneously. From our experience, candidates who cannot answer the screening questions are less likely to apply. With these questions, you can learn more about each candidate and receive a relevant sample of his or her writing skills.

Candidate Screening Question Service Overview
You can select from these or provide your own. We recommend at least four, but not more than seven, to strike a balance between gathering pertinent information, while not discouraging qualified candidates. If you are including candidate-screening questions, the deadline for your job posting is 5 p.m. the previous Friday in order to be published in the upcoming Tuesday newsletter.

Write a compelling job posting:

We have learned that just describing the job’s responsibilities and minimum qualifications is not enough to attract outstanding candidates. When writing a job ad try to put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes and think about what would motivate him or her to leave a current position. It is important to include reasons why a candidate should be excited about joining your nonprofit’s team, share information about an organization’s impact and delineate how an applicant can play a role in that important work.

To utilize the full capabilities of our job-board database, we suggest you use the following format:

  1. * Name AND email of person collecting applications – OR – Weblink to your job listing online or application site
  2. * Job Title, Organization Name, Full Time or Part-time
  3. Two sentence organization/position introduction that appears in the NFP
  4. News with a link to the full length description
  5. Organization Overview or Description
  6. Position Duties
  7. Position Qualifications
  8. Resumes will be accepted through what date, if shorter than our 30 day standard? (Month/Date)
  9. Salary and benefits, if desired

*required information

Submit a job posting:

Please indicate if you are including candidate-screening questions with your submission.

Job ads are invoiced after publication in the Not-for-profit News.

Ads must be submitted by 10 a.m. Monday to be included in Tuesday’s e-newsletter. If candidate-screening questions are included, the deadline for your job posting is 5 p.m. the previous Friday in order to be published in the upcoming Tuesday newsletter.