Leading Your Board

Few nonprofit boards are accustomed to making really difficult decisions and there can be significant value in having a neutral party in the conversation to ensure all voices are heard and options considered while also keeping the process moving forward.

We have been working with nonprofit boards for more than 20 years. While they are all different, they are similar in their desire to serve and support their neighborhoods or communities.

Now is the time to be identifying and exploring ideas and options. Charitable Advisors can provide a positive voice in a tough time and help your board step into the issues at hand.

Charitable Advisors helps you avoid common frustrations:

  • What guidance and support does our staff need from us?
  • How long will our reserves last?
  • Do we discontinue certain programs? When do we furlough staff?
  • Can we be innovative and offer support in a different way?
  • When should we start considering a merger? Or closing?

Many boards look to their ED/CEO for leadership on a month-to-month basis.

A typical engagement looks like this:


Step 1

We will have an introductory triage conversation with the ED/CEO and Board chairman to learn about your organization’s pressing issue(s).

Step 2

We send out a short on-line survey to the board (and some or all staff as appropriate) to seek input and engage everyone in thinking about the situation.

Step 3

We’ll schedule one or more 60-90 minute on-line working sessions with your Executive Committee or full board.

About Bryan Orander

Charitable Advisors’ president Bryan Orander has 20 years of leadership and consulting experience. Bryan Orander was one of the first consultants in the country trained in the Executive Transition Management (ETM) model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Averaging 15 searches a year, Charitable Advisors has done more nonprofit searches in Central Indiana than any other firm, by far.

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If your organization is ready to have a sure-fire recruitment or succession strategy to guide your organization with experienced nonprofit consultants with significant experience specialized in searching for executive directors, it will be worth the investment. Executive search services are priced from $7,500.

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