HR Nonprofit Peer Group

HR Nonprofit Peer group on July 14 at 8:30 a.m. Implementing a strong Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiative can be intimidating to many organizations even though they have strong desires to do it. Join us, as Jeremy York from Purple Ink, presents an informative conversation on how to start a DEIB strategy and launch it successfully. Presented by VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm. Cost: free.

Past webinars

Talent Acquisition: Trends in a Post-Pandemic World
Participants will receive key tips on attracting key staff in a highly competitive market and gain insights on how to increase process efficiency and reduce barriers through the selection process. Join Charitable Advisors’ quarterly HR Nonprofit Peer Group as Chelsea DuKate from Red Envelope Consulting shares best practices for hiring the right talent.

The Importance of Culture
Join HR expert share the importance of creating a culture in your nonprofit organization. Learn how focusing on wellbeing, upskilling, and engagement can impact an organization’s culture and tips on how to improve your organization’s culture. Presented by Deirdre Bird from VonLehman CPA & Advisory. Cost: Free.

How to Differentiate Through Total Rewards
Learn how to recruit, retain and motivate your team through incentives.

Every Leader is a Coach (or Mentor)
Join Lisa Hanger as she share how we can improve morale and performance with our staff.

Limiting Beliefs that Might be Holding You Back
Learn how to identify your limiting beliefs, discover the many ways they are affecting the way you are showing up in your work and life right now, and create strategies to sidestep them.

Lessons learned: Nonprofit leadership resume
Bryan Orander, president at Charitable Advisors, and Kathleen Poland, recruiter, share best practices in draft a resume for a leadership position.

Should we close that program? Understanding the McMillan matrix
A brief overview of the MacMilan Matrix worksheet for the executive director and board of directors to make tough decisions about closing a program.