Strengthen Your Board Governance

Online board assessment: An easy way to evaluate and act

Too often, boards of directors focus on the issues of the moment with limited time for reflection. Funders and donors, in addition to the people served by your organization, expect board leadership to regularly examine and enhance the way the board works. An effective board is transparent and self-aware and a critical component in the long-term impact and financial sustainability of your organization.

Charitable Advisors’ board self-assessment process is designed to make it quick and easy to evaluate your board’s effectiveness, while also creating a positive-learning experience. Past participants have typically spent 4-6 weeks from the start of the process to the final report debriefing conducted with your Board Development or Executive Committee.

Order board assessment survey

The $750 fee includes the online survey plus a local, on-site debrief includes:

  • Access to the survey, and a local, in-person debriefing session with a Charitable Advisors board consultant
  • Objective, external administration, which takes responsibility off your board members and increases confidentiality
  • Provides a forum to highlight priorities and potential problems, so together you can develop a plan of action
  • If desired, contrast the ED/CEO perspective with the board’s overall perspective to further discussion and communications

The health of a nonprofit’s board is often analogous to a rollercoaster with highs and lows. If you have concerns whether the Board Survey Report is the right tool for you, contact Charitable Advisors president Bryan Orander, BoardSource© Certified Governance Trainer at 317-752-7153.

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