Fundraising predictions for 2017

Fundraising in the UK received several hammer blows in 2016, on top of a continuation of strong negative currents for some income streams, and uncertainty over Brexit and worries over the US elections didn’t help our donors or trustees confidence either. The resultant mood around our Top Table gatherings of the leading fundraisers was sometimes […]

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On philanthropy: Seven trends in philanthropy to expect in 2017

By Bruce DeBoskey, The DeBoskey Group, The Denver Post Last year was a great year for philanthropy. It included record levels of giving and impact investing and more strategic approaches to charitable efforts. This year, 2017, will likely launch its own unique trends. I’ll be watching for these highlights: 1. Reduced tax incentives for giving […]

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Six trends that will set the pace for 2016’s philanthropy

By Bruce DeBoskey, The DeBoskey Group, for The Denver Post | With record levels of giving, new approaches to marshaling philanthropic assets for impact, and better approaches to philanthropic strategy, 2015 was a great year for philanthropy. This trend will continue in 2016. Increasingly, leaders in businesses, foundations and families understand that philanthropy is more […]

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