January, 2020

Could your organization become a victim of lifestyle fraud?

By Chris Mennel, CPA, senior audit manager, Alerding CPA Group Sometimes it begins with “borrowing” a small amount of money, as a temporary loan from an employer. He or she may be thinking, “I really need this money and I’ll put it back when I get my paycheck,” or “I just can’t afford to lose […]

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Nonprofits added depth to mission of outgoing drug czar

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors For more information about Indiana’s Next Level Recovery Initiative, visit: https://www.in.gov/recovery/ Jim McClelland first tried to retire five years ago after leading Goodwill of Central Indiana for 41 years. He planned to travel a bit with his wife, Jane, and maybe write a book. Those plans changed in 2017 […]

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Bridging financial gaps for your nonprofit

By Dave Voris, Vice President and Regional Manager, Horizon Bank If you’re an administrator working for a nonprofit organization, you understand the financial challenges behind finding support to do good work. Big fundraising events or donation drives may bring in large amounts of money all at once, but spreading that money to meet monthly expenses can stress your resources. For qualifying […]

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