by Chelsea Ohlemiller, Director of Community & Content
While the initial launch of the “Work for a Nonprofit, Make a Difference” campaign is wrapping up, the theme of this campaign will continue indefinitely.

Through the initial fifty day campaign to attract staff to nonprofit roles, we’ve been able to see some important impacts.

  • 15+ organizations were highlighted through our video outreach opportunities.
  • Over 470 candidates applied for nonprofit jobs.
  • Over 212 new job seeker accounts were created on the Central Indiana Nonprofit Job Board.

Nonprofit jobs play a vital role in our state by addressing community needs that are not addressed by the for-profit or government sectors. These organizations are essential in fostering social equity and creative expression, as they provide resources and support to marginalized and underserved populations. Nonprofit jobs contribute significantly to the local economy and help reduce unemployment rates. They also encourage civic engagement and volunteerism, strengthening the sense of community and collective responsibility, which is why filling these roles is vital to the success and safety of our city, our communities, and our state.

Chelsea Ohlemiller, our Director of Community and Content was out in the field where she saw and heard the hardships nonprofits are facing regarding hiring and recruitment. She has worked diligently to increase visibility to these career opportunities. The data shows that this campaign has been successful, but it hasn’t stopped the challenges the sector is facing, which is why the work must continue. Our goal at Charitable Advisors is not to simply have a nonprofit job board where nonprofit employers and candidates connect. Our goal is to attract and show job seekers available career opportunities with meaningful missions and highlight the work around our communities that has profound and lasting impact.

Ongoing efforts are needed to raise awareness about the rewarding opportunities within nonprofits and to address the challenges of hiring and recruitment within the space. By maintaining a focus on these critical gaps, we can ensure that nonprofits are staffed with dedicated and skilled professionals committed to making a difference in our communities.

So how can you help?

  • Talk to your friends and post on your social media about your positive experiences working in the nonprofit sector. #WorkforaNonprofit
  • Steer people who are interested in learning more about nonprofits to our free newsletter and the job board
  • Forward and like our social media posts promoting the sector and specific job opportunities.
  • As a hiring manager or team member, post your organization’s career opportunities on the Nonprofit Job Board. The more positions that are concentrated in one place, the more job seekers will be attracted to impactful work.

By collectively promoting these resources, we can continue to strengthen the nonprofit workforce and ensure these organizations thrive beyond this campaign, and beyond the reach of our individual networks and connections. Together, we can ensure the nonprofit space remains proficient and full of dedicated and passionate individuals.

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