The healing power of flowers

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Over the ages, flowers have taken on symbolic meanings. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese refer to the use of flowers in their stories and myths. The Greeks considered flowers to be of particularly high importance and associated them with the gods. But the language of flowers, floriography, can […]

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Giving Sum: Participatory philanthropy

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Marty Posch didn’t set out to start a nonprofit. Eight years ago, he and friends Darrin Brooks and Ryan Brady were just informally and independently connecting friends to volunteer opportunities in the city. What they quickly realized was that by working together, they could have a collective impact. The […]

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Engaging a city, building a community

By Efrem Bycer for The Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee | Indianapolis has the potential to become one of the most civically engaged cities in America. Currently, Indianapolis ranks 16th, placing it behind many of its peer metros, including Charlotte, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville and St. Louis. To break into the top 10, Indianapolis may […]

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