By Bryan Orander, president, Charitable Advisors

Most of us have frequent career conversations. These might take the shape of a friend seeking advice, contemplating our own future, or hiring a new person to join our team. As the employment marketplace tightens, people are becoming more comfortable changing jobs and considering options and alternatives.

In the career marketplace, there are employers, job seekers, and intermediary functions like job advertising, community networking, and job seeker support groups. One of our primary roles at Charitable Advisors is to help that nonprofit career marketplace function better.

Every week, thousands of individuals explore the Charitable Advisors’ Nonprofit Job board in search of career opportunities and every week, area nonprofits post 15-20 new job ads with Charitable Advisors and over 10,000 applicants for positions last year.

Over the years, Charitable Advisors has written articles about nonprofit careers and developed short handouts for presentations. Last spring, we concluded that it was time to develop a brief, yet comprehensive, resource to support both job seekers and the community leaders whom they often reach out to for guidance.

“Considering a career in the nonprofit sector” is a four-page publication designed to provide information and stimulate the thinking of anyone exploring a nonprofit career. It can support recent graduates, career changers or current nonprofit professionals to determine the next steps.

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How to use “Considering a career in the nonprofit sector.

As a resource for job referral partners, mentors, nonprofit employers – We receive positive comments from many of you who recommend the Not-for-profit News and the Charitable Advisors Nonprofit Job Board to job seekers.

In advance of meeting with a job seeker, you might direct the individual to Charitable Advisor’s new publication, “Considering a career in the nonprofit sector.” It is designed to respond to frequently asked questions by job seekers, provide valuable information and resources, and offer potential directions. We hope this resource will guide the job seeker to narrow his or her search and refine his or her questions before meeting with you.

This is our first resource of this nature and is born out of conversation with many of you who wished you had a readily-available resource to support a job seeker. Let us know how we can continue to enhance it and support you.

A resource for job seekers – We frequently hear from job seekers that our community is fortunate to have nonprofit leaders who are generous with their time and their willingness to meet with them and career changers.

Charitable Advisors has created a resource that we hope will help you on this job-search journey and prime your thinking. It is intended as a starting place to make the best of your conversations as you pursue your next opportunity.

As a job seeker, networking contacts expect you to do your homework so they can be helpful to you. One suggestion is for you to be as specific as you can about your target position and the type of organization that you want to work.

JOB SEEKER ADS – Beginning late in October, we will launch a new online job-seeker connection opportunity. Watch for more information or alert if you would like to be contacted when details are finalized.

Bryan Orander is founder and president of Charitable Advisors. After 18 years of for-profit leadership in the Fortune 50 business world and a disability-related nonprofit, Bryan joined a large regional accounting and consulting firm. In 2000, he founded Charitable Advisors with the vision of going beyond traditional consulting to become a connector, advocate and problem solver for the nonprofit sector.

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