May, 2015

Keys to a master fundraiser’s success


by Dan Schipp at Johnson Grossnickle Associates | During my years at JGA I have had the opportunity to work with several score development officers. When it comes to effectively soliciting gifts, there is one who I would put at the head of the class. This individual wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll refer to […]

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In pursuit of board diversity: Join us June 16


By Bryan Orander, president, Charitable Advisors | Many nonprofit boards are striving to increase their diversity. Most recognize that diversity increases effective governance by bringing new perspectives, energy, and new ideas. Sometimes the motivation comes as an expectation of a funder or accreditation body. While some funders, such as United Way of Central Indiana, place […]

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Legislative session: few changes for nonprofits


Compiled by Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors | This year’s Indiana legislative session was not without controversy. Of the over 1200 bills that were originally filed for the session, several hundred made it through the entire process and were eligible for action by the governor. In addition, lawmakers approved a two-year $31 billion budget, which […]

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Government reimbursement rules


By Council of Nonprofits | Governments at all levels – local, state, and federal – that hire nonprofits to deliver services are now required to reimburse nonprofits for the reasonable indirect costs (sometimes called “overhead” or “administrative” costs) they incur on behalf of governments when federal dollars are part of the funding stream. The new […]

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Youth leaders concerned about background checks


By Tom Ragan, staff writer, | A Pennsylvania law designed to expand background checks for anyone who works with children or volunteers was passed in 2014.Now, nearly any role that requires supervision of children will be affected. The law applies to areas beyond schools, such as youth sports and some service organizations. Act 153 […]

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Key to employee engagement


By Deb Hunter, advisor, FirstPerson | Employee engagement is top-of-mind for many business executives. Studies are showing that organizations that invest in their people to create an engaging workplace outperform other organizations, leading to greater profitability. What exactly does employee engagement mean? We can define it by the behaviors of actively engaged employees. For example, […]

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