Why DC’s nonprofit organizations are targets for hackers

By Chris Bing, staff reporter, DC Inno |

D.C. is home to a conglomeration of high-profile, global nonprofit organizations who have progressively become extremely attractive targets for hackers.

These organizations are especially susceptible to attacks because of the sensitive financial information they store via their donors and the propensity for sharing information between offices that are working in coordination to accomplish a specific mission.

Virtru, a D.C.-based cybersecurity company that specializes in email encryption, now plans to offer up to 50 free seats of its software to eligible, high-risk non-profits, as part of a grassroots marketing strategy.

“It’s no surprise that nonprofits often lack the resources they need to succeed; both from a personnel perspective and, especially now, from a technology perspective. Unfortunately, trying to stretch budgets and gain funding for day-to-day operations can be a job in itself … nonprofits may also struggle to adhere to compliance regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA and Dodd-Frank, depending on the nature of their work,” Virtru CEO and co-founder John Ackerly told DC Inno.

The normal cost of each software subscription for an organization per year would be at least $3,000 without the program (Virtru for Nonprofits). Through this software, users will have another level of control and security behind their email exchanges.

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