by Jeffery Kaufman Ph.D., associate professor of leadership and research, The Klipsch Educators College at Marian University

Leadership is hard work. Every day, all day, how we show up as professional leaders is either building engagement and energy or draining it. The good news is that there are specific patterns of thought and action that can help leaders show up more wholly, and in turn, liberate organizations to unleash their full potential.

Marian University’s Leadership Academy helps individuals in authority roles practice leadership more intentionally. Our practitioner-focused programs emphasize the Adaptive Leadership framework, developed at Harvard University. This foundation provides a leadership focus that recognizes organizations as social systems, differentiates between technical problems and adaptive challenges, and expressly accounts for the nuance and power of authority and group dynamics.

To meet your individual leadership goals and growth, Marian University provides individual leadership courses, executive certificates, a Master of Arts in leadership practice, and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Learn more about these various options at the university’s website.


There is more to organizational leadership than simply meeting technical goals and objectives. Organizations rarely struggle with technical problems given the availability of experts to solve problems that have known solutions.

Where organizations have the most difficulty is in addressing adaptive challenges where people have conflicting values, beliefs, and loyalties. As the stakes rise and the challenges become increasingly complex, perspectives diverge, and stress begins to bubble — first beneath and then above the surface.

Stakeholders may not be sure how to express their passion/fear/outrage in a constructive manner. This program works to develop your capacity and skill set to be more effective in understanding and navigating those most difficult challenges — exercising leadership from any position, mobilizing others to make progress on your organization’s most difficult issues.


We will explore life-giving leadership tools and practices that help create a purpose-driven culture including motivation and engagement, understanding self and others, gaining awareness of authority and group dynamics, and using emotion for wisdom and energy. In short, building capacity to be present to your community as an intentional and centered leader when it matters most.

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