Multi-tasking myths and reality

By February 15, 2016Sponsor Insight

By Chip Heberden, president and owner, Netlink, Inc. |

The turmoil of a typical workday creates endless opportunities and constant pressure to do many things concurrently. Our technology lets us conference call during our commute, email during meetings, and channel the great football commentator John Madden by handling a continuous stream of inbound pings as we work through workday requests from co-workers, customers, clients or our social network.

Multitasking is the universally accepted vernacular we use to reassure ourselves that our technology is allowing us to do more, keep up and get better all the time. Whether it’s the constant pull of texting, tending to the requirements emails, which would be better suited to a phone call), your mind has many opportunities to get sidetracked with the fix of the moment.

Growing up with technology, this situation seems natural: why not attend a meeting and catch up on your email at the same time. Or document your lunch with via Instagram for your personal network while out to eat with co-workers. Multitasking means you are getting it “ALL” done at once, doesn’t it?

But are we getting it done?

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