How to recognize employees without a promotion

By Mike Bensi, advisor, FirstPerson

“Let’s promote him!”

This is unfortunately a very common response by leaders when they have a great performer within their company. He’s been with the company “long enough,” and now the leaders find themselves wondering what they’re going to do so he doesn’t leave the company.

What are some signs that making the person a manager might be a bad idea?

  1. He’s not good at managing. Sure he’s great at what he’s doing right now, but does that mean he’ll rock at managing other people?
  2. Your company is just too young or too small. Within flat organizations, you’ll find limited available management and leadership roles. At larger firms, you’ll find more opportunities for advancement, but it could take years for the person to get there.
  3. The person just doesn’t want to manage. Recent research is finding fewer people who have leadership aspirations.

So what can a company do to recognize the work the employee is doing, without handing out a promotion?

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