Gaining donor confidence in your organization is essential

by Better Business Bureau

If asked, could you easily answer what your nonprofit does to inspire trust and donor confidence? Certainly, you could mention different programs and services offered. But what if you could convey everything in a way that instantly resonates with potential donors?

This is where trust seals come into play. Think about it. When you see the lock icon in an URL, you instantly know any personal and payment information you provide on the website will be secured. Or, how about the number of stars for a customer review? It’s easy to identify one star as a poor review, whereas five stars are an excellent review. We are wired to subconsciously identify these trust seals which also applies to BBB’s Accreditation seal.

Donors seek reassurance that their financial support is being used properly, and for more than a century, they have been coming to Better Business Bureau (BBB) for guidance. Spotting the BBB Accredited Charity seal lets them know they are (or would be) supporting a trustworthy non-profit.

The trust seal is earned through BBB’s Charity Accreditation Review Program which promotes high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit public contributions. The free program evaluates 501(c)3 charities against BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability — a baseline set of best practices that review the following four key areas of interest to donors:

  • Financial management
  • Fundraising and information materials
  • Governance and oversight
  • Measuring effectiveness

The result is a confirmation of existing strengths and/or identifying areas for improvement which BBB can help address to enrich your charity’s practices. If all 20 standards are met, charities can use the BBB Accredited Charity seal for a nominal fee determined by their organization’s annual revenue. Given its value and significance, a charity would be wise to consider proactive steps that strengthen the public’s trust through BBB Accreditation.

As a fellow nonprofit, BBB understands the trials and tribulations of running a charitable organization.

We value the work local nonprofits do here in Indiana and want to help you succeed as we work alongside you every day. We also know the importance of operational efficiency and how communicating your intentions to the public takes time, money, and energy. One way to ease your load so you can focus on your mission is to become a BBB Accredited Charity.

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