Homeless resources in Indianapolis

This week, Indianapolis Star reporter, Maureen Gilmer, wrote a story about seeking help for a homeless mom. The story referenced the Street Outreach Rapid Response Team, and other nonprofits that acted immediately to secure a spot for this family. To learn more about Indianapolis’ services, read her article.

Just like that, within three hours, a desperate young mom and her kids were rescued from an uncertain future. I was astounded at how quickly this family got the help they desperately needed, but at the same time, I know there are others who aren’t as lucky as Brown and her family.

These kinds of street rescues are what Street Outreach Rapid Response Team and Professional Blended Street Outreach are built to do. The rapid response team is actually a network of 67 people representing 22 organizations in the city — shelters, hospitals, mental health agencies, veterans’ groups, even animal welfare advocates.

“We’ve identified gaps in services available on the streets for people, and we’ve brought those folks together to help those most vulnerable,” said team coordinator Melissa Burgess.

When an email goes out to the group, “everybody jumps up and is ready to help if they’re able to,” she said.

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