Focus on mission

By Jane Page-Steiner at JPSNonprofit Strategies |

Don’t let your board get so entangled in day-to-day challenges of your organization that they lose sight of your larger purpose. As your board discusses critical issues, your mission statement can provide perspective and a reminder of your organization’s true purpose. At every board meeting keep your mission statement as a central theme.

Nonprofit leaders can help their boards keep focus on mission by:

  • Reading the mission statement at the start of every meeting
  • Sharing a story of how the organization’s mission impacted someone’s life in the last month
  • Taking 15 minutes at a board meeting to discuss the elements of the mission statement and how it guides your work
  • Asking board members to share how they see the organization living out its mission
  • Discussing how one of your programs reflects and implements your mission

Your mission statement informs your board, constituents and the community of what you do, who you serve and how you provide services. I recommend you regularly review your mission statement and revise it if you have changed direction or if it no longer seems relevant. I can help you create a fun and engaging planning session that reviews, and if needed, revises your mission statement.

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