Corporate social responsibility can be good for business

By Vlad Moldavskiy for BusinessCollective |

Corporate social responsibility is more than a company’s marketing strategy — it’s quickly becoming a way to retain millennial employees as well.

Despite having a reputation for being arrogant and lazy, millennials are actually highly philanthropic. Many young workers want more than just a paycheck from their employer; they also want to feel that they’re making an impact on the community.

According to the recent Millennial Impact Report, which was led by Achieve in partnership with the Case Foundation, more than 30 million millennials are employed, and 84 percent of these employees made a charitable donation last year. That’s on top of the 78 percent of millennials who made a charitable donation on their own without going through an employer.

It’s hard to dispute the millennial passion for giving back: When compared to managers, millennials value meaningful work over fat paychecks. Business Insider reports that while half of surveyed managers believe money is important to millennials, only 27 percent of actual millennials agreed.

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