Grow your fundraising exponentially!

As a nonprofit staff or board leader, you may be unclear about your next steps in attracting more support from individuals.

We can help, if you…
  • Feel uncomfortable engaging major donors and prospects
  • Lack buy-in from your board members to connect with major gift prospects
  • Do not have an executable fund development plan.
  • Lack a clear and compelling message to share with prospects.
  • Do not know your key metrics around donor frequency, repeat donors, donor lifetime value
  • Don’t regularly engage donors in a tailored manner.

Nonprofit ED/CEOs wear many hats and we understand the challenges of finding time to focus on major gift fundraising efforts can be overwhelming.

Charitable Advisors’ provides a solution to grow your fund raising

If you have had success in developing a base of donors who are actively supporting your organization but know you could do more; Charitable Advisors can help you move to the next level. We do not do social media or mail appeals; we teach you to provide unique engagement offers and value to your best prospects and most generous investors.

We assist nonprofits in moving from success to significance with a 4-step fund development mentorship.

4-Step fund development mentorship

Step 1: Clarify the message (1 – 2 months)
In collaboration with senior staff and the Board, we will develop a short and memorable message about how your organization saves, changes or impacts lives. We will assist in the creation of a master prospect list to prioritize organizational energy.

Step 2: Develop a wholistic funding model & a tool to guide a funding conversation (2 months)
We will help assemble a development plan in tandem with the strategic plan to ensures your organization has a roadmap on how to fund for your great impact.  

Step 3: Equipping (1-2 months)
We will train and engage your board, in addition to senior staff, around the key messaging and accompany you on three prospect/donor calls to build confidence and refine your message. 

Step 4: Mentorship (6 months)
We work alongside the team member, whether that is the executive director and/or current developmental staff, on engaging qualified prospects with a solution customized for your organization. Our fundraising consultant will model the best ways to approach qualified prospects, how to ask and follow-up.  

About TJ McGovern

Charitable Advisors’ fundraising leader, TJ McGovern, has over 20 years of experience in development, strategic visioning, campaign management, and major gift solicitation guiding successful funding efforts ranging from $100k-$20M. T.J. has coached and trained numerous organizations and leaders from over 100 organizations on how to use the engagement process to maximize funding opportunities.

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If your organization is ready to have a sure-fire fundraising strategy to guide your organization with experienced nonprofit consultants with significant experience specialized in major gift solicitation, it will be worth the investment. Fund development services are priced from $7,500.

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Hope is NOT a strategy.

Funding a vision is a challenge and fun.  With the right plan, training and resources, your organization CAN achieve its revenue goals.