Cincy Not-for-profit News now locally owned

By Bryan Orander, president, Charitable Advisor

In 2008, Indianapolis-based Charitable Advisors launched the Cincinnati Not-for-profit News to replicate our success at increasing communication and connection across the Indianapolis nonprofit community.

We knew from our Indy readers that it was filling a void. We chose Cincinnati because of its regional proximity to Indianapolis and because there was no single point of connection for the nonprofit community, and we wanted to help fill that gap.

After three years, Jane Page-Steiner of JPS Nonprofit Strategies in Cincinnati brought her nonprofit background and local connections to further raise the visibility and effectiveness of CA’s nonprofit publication. She took on the publisher title.

Though we have had success in Cincinnati, we have found our primary focus has been on growing Indiana publications. Last week, Jane and JPS Nonprofit Strategies took over the ownership, marketing and production responsibilities of the e-newsletter with a goal of further increasing readership and impact in the Greater Cincinnati area.

This is a win for both organizations as Jane is able to pursue her vision of supporting Cincinnati nonprofits, and Charitable Advisors is able to explore launching a regional nonprofit career-focused publication.

If you are also a Cincy subscriber, expect future newsletters from To avoid the publication landing in your spam folder, it is advised to add this email address to your contact list.

The Cincinnati e-newsletter will continue as a partner for Indy nonprofits that want to reach the readers of the Greater Cincinnati area publication. It will be “business as usual” for Indy job advertisers who can continue to place their ads in the Cincy newsletter for an additional $25. Just submit your job ads to: and indicate that you want to advertise in both Indy and Cincy. If you choose this option, you will receive a single invoice as before.

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