Organization: Private charitable foundation created in 1958.

Assets: Estimated $185.1 million market value (as of 8/31/2016 fiscal year-   end).

Annual grants: Approximately $8 million grant payments (fiscal year 2016).

Source of funds:

  • Lifetime gifts from the late Helene R. Foellinger (1910-1987), owner and publisher of The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne.
  • Proceeds from the estates of Esther and Helene Foellinger.
  • Contributions from the News Publishing Company until The News-Sentinel            was sold in 1980.

Grant focus: The Foellinger Foundation provides grants and technical assistance to strengthen organizations that serve Allen County children and their families, particularly those children and families with the greatest economic need and the least opportunity.

The foundation primarily is interested in:

  • Early childhood development: Young children in Allen County will have  high-quality early childhood education experiences.
  • Youth development: Youth in Allen County will have high-quality opportunities to develop healthy social, academic and emotional attributes.
  • Family development: Families in Allen County will have high-quality   opportunities that foster healthy intra-family relationships.

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