by Chelsea Ohlemiller, Director of Community & Content, Charitable Advisors

When you think about your legacy, the one you’re currently creating, you likely have hopes of creating a positive impact—something that will make a lasting influence for good. You’re working in the nonprofit space right now—to make a difference.

This is the very heart of our new “Work for a Nonprofit, Make a Difference” campaign that launched on April 22 and will run through June 10.

According to the National Council of Nonprofits 2023 Nonprofit Workforce Survey, 33.8% of nonprofits are significantly understaffed and an additional 41% reported being unable to fill entry-level positions that provide direct service. The data identifies something most of us already know- there is a hiring crisis in the nonprofit sector. Recent local focus groups have confirmed the struggles nonprofits are experiencing in recruiting and retaining talent.

With over 74% of nonprofit organizations reporting job vacancies, this campaign seeks to spotlight the meaningful benefits of working for a nonprofit, because the benefits create an undeniable impact– for each person, family and community served.

Over the next seven weeks our team will be focused on championing the nonprofit work happening in Indiana with the goal of filling open positions in the nonprofit space with talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals.

Here’s the Plan

To recruit new individuals to the space, we must get creative and be visible in places where people are known to spend the most time– social media. The Charitable Advisors team will be utilizing our social media platforms to highlight the work, missions, and advocacy of local nonprofits to encourage new individuals to the sector or draw people back who have worked for a nonprofit in the past.

I have been out in the community the past month capturing video testimonies about the impact of working in a nonprofit and will be providing a steady stream of these uplifting videos on our social media pages.

We want current job seekers to see that these open positions are not merely listings on a board or announcements in a newsletter; they are opportunities for impact. They are the careers that advocate for change, connecting like-minded individuals with a shared mission to make a difference, while also making a respectable income.

We Need Your Help

Follow our social postings and forward the ones you love to people in your network beyond the nonprofit space.

Post your nonprofit job openings on our Job Board so new job seekers are aware of what’s available. Postings to the job board are automatically included in the weekly Not-for-profit News email newsletter to 13,000 nonprofit leaders and staff.

Add your own testimony. You can complete a few questions on this form to participate in this meaningful campaign:

Check out two new resources we have created:

  1. Job Seeker Headquarters & Toolkit:
  2. Employer Toolkit:

Let us not overlook the power of a simple job listing or a recruitment drive. Let us instead embrace them as catalysts for a future where the impact of one can inspire many. Let us increase the visibility of open positions in the nonprofit sector to help individuals find a career that isn’t just a job, but an opportunity to leave a legacy of influence and impact that will continue for generations to come.

Together we can highlight the incredible nonprofit job opportunities in Indiana, attracting new talent and building excitement about the work.

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