“Eva A-7063,” the 120-minute documentary that premiered last week, is narrated by actor Ed Asner, features appearances by CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer, actor Elliott Gould and former NBA player Ray Allen, who share Kor’s influence in their lives. The original score was composed by Dr. Tyron Cooper.

Traveling nearly 90,000 miles, filmmakers Green and Brown followed the 84-year-old Terre Haute resident to the Romanian village where she first encountered anti-Semitism and to the lab at Auschwitz where she was subjected to medical experiments by the Nazi “angel of death,” Josef Mengele.

But harder even than those places, Kor said, were the documentarians’ probing into the bitter decades in the middle of her life —  before she had come to forgive her Nazi tormentors — that is a key aspect of the new film,  “Eva A-7063.”

Green, a former IndyStar journalist whose previous documentary efforts include “Attucks: The School that Opened a City,” (2016) about long-segregated Crispus Attucks High School, said Kor’s story has typically been told through the lens of her experiences at Auschwitz and her decision to forgive the Nazis.

“Each of those aspects is certainly worth full treatment,” Green said. “What’s been missing is that middle part, the half century between liberation in 1945 and forgiveness in 1995.”

“Our hope is that this new reporting will put into special relief how far this woman has come,” Green said.

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