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IRS Releases Guidance on Executive Action Deferring Payroll Taxes

On August 28, the IRS issued guidance that provides some explanation of how employers can defer withholding and remitting an employee’s share of Social Security tax when wages are below a certain amount. The guidance in Notice 2020-65 was issued to implement President Trump’s executive action signed in early August. The guidance is brief, and […]

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Nonprofits: How to report collaborative activities

By Lauren Kreutzinger, manager, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm A collaborative arrangement may be the simplest relationship between nonprofits for accounting purposes. These are typically contractual agreements in which two or more organizations are active participants in a joint activity. One example would be a private school that’s jointly operated by two religious organizations. Another […]

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Employee Engagement: The driver of company culture

By Julie Struble, Charitable Advisors Research repeatedly confirms that employee engagement drives organizational success. We know it’s important,but have trouble with misunderstanding of expectations and turn-over.   At last month’s HR peer group, Tony Dill, owner of HR Partnerships, discussed employee engagement with HR professionals at the HR peer group.  With several decades of both […]

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‘Blocker’ corporation: Avoiding UBIT for nonprofit ‘business’ activities

This article originally was published on Aug. 2, 2016.  By Zachary S. Kester, JD, LLM, CFRM and Kylie Schreiber, at Charitable Allies As charitable organizations seek to increase streams of revenue — to provide more services, support more staff or help ensure long-term sustainability — many dabble in sources of business revenue to supplement the financial bottom line. For […]

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Charitable Class: What is it and how can you ensure you are serving one?

By Zachary S. Kester, Executive Director and Robert Miller, Program Officer, Charitable Allies Still unclear and fretting over whether your charity serves a charitable class?   Do not worry, you are not alone in this concern. It is a common issue among nonprofit organizations and identifying a charitable class is paramount for those seeking to qualify […]

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Voices from the field: lessons on collaboration

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Partnership, collaboration and merger are terms often bandied around in the nonprofit world. And while the concept of collaboration isn’t new, it has become a hot topic as a way to reduce duplication, increase coordination and contribute to collective impact. According to a 2014 Bridgespan survey of nonprofits and […]

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Why your nonprofit should be using nonprofit accounting software

By Jim Simpson, CPA and director, Financial Technologies & Management   As the number of nonprofits has proliferated, accounting software is more tailored and can help manage these complexities.  But taking the time to select the right software for your nonprofit is critical. Before your purchase, start with a software evaluation and assessment to see […]

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