May, 2016

Gen X giving: Effective fundraising strategies for Gen X donors

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By Abigail L. Coleman, writer, JGA | The Baby Boomer and Millennial generations are frequently top of mind in discussions and research into the generations and generational giving preferences, but what about the “in-betweens?” Given the buzz, particularly about Millennials, it may be easy to overlook a resource for significant current and future donor growth […]

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A new study: Taking the pulse the fundraising profession


By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors | America’s first settlers had favorable attitudes toward philanthropy, perhaps because charities traditionally were well supported in their native England. This giving attitude laid the groundwork for fundraising as a profession. But actual nonprofit development positions are relatively new, and the study of the profession is even more recent. […]

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UnderDeveloped: A national study of challenges facing nonprofit fundraising


The 2013 study, UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising, revealed that many nonprofits are stuck in a vicious cycle that threatens their ability to raise the resources they need to succeed. A joint project of CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the report found high levels of turnover and […]

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Resetting development: Highlighting the bright spots


By Yasya Berezovskiy, associate project director of learning and evaluation, CompassPoint | What will it take to reset entrenched and ineffective development practices towards a fresher mindset and more effective approach? Prompted by the widespread fundraising challenges identified in UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising (a joint project of CompassPoint and the […]

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Managing an endowment


By VonLehman staff | Every nonprofit dreams of receiving a large endowment that will keep it financially worry-free in the future and allow it to fulfill its mission with ease. But, in the real world, endowments also carry serious responsibilities, created by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA). When managing endowments, nonprofit […]

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Anchors provide foundation for nonprofit planning


By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors Ask any organization — for-profit or nonprofit — about strategic planning and most will tell you it’s an important part of their operation. After all, what can be wrong about planning for the future? Nothing, says Fort Wayne-based consultant Mike Stone, as long as it’s done the right way. […]

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Social media: your key to talent

SHRM Social MEdia

By Jeremy York, human resources field representative, Synergy PEO services It is almost impossible to escape the influences of social media in our everyday lives. From Facebook posts, to Instagram photos, to Twitter’s tweets, we are receiving information 24-hours a day. While much of this information relates to individuals’ personal lives, some of it is […]

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