Plain Writing Act prod federal agencies to keep it simple

By Lisa Rein, reporter, Washington Post Federal agencies must report their progress this week in complying with the Plain Writing Act, a new decree that government officials communicate more conversationally with the public. Speaking plainly, they ain’t there yet. Which leaves, in the eyes of some, a basic and critical flaw in how the country […]

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Primer on nonprofit sector buzzwords and jargon

By Jodie Shupac, writer, Charity Village Leveraging funds. Capacity-building. Community-driven action. Enabling populations. Collaboration. Participatory action. Anti-oppression. Just some examples of a multitude of terms regularly thrown around by professionals in the nonprofit sector, these buzzwords can be reasonably categorized as industry speak, or just plain old jargon. Nonprofit jargon, like the vernacular of any […]

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