Status of hunger in Indianapolis

By Lynn Sygiel, editor, Charitable Advisors, Photo credit: KIPP charter school, courtesy MicroGreen Project Dave Miner discovered a lot as a chemistry student in grad school. But it was outside the lab that he made his most poignant find. He discovered hunger. It all started with a book — “Rich Christians in an Age of […]

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Focus on natural capital costs in industrial farming

By Dan Mitchell, independent journalist, Green Biz It is nearly impossible to calculate the real costs and benefits — including the externalized or invisible costs — of any human activity: growing soybeans; making car tires; cooking dinner for your family. When growing soy, for example, it’s easy enough to calculate the total price paid for […]

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“Common market” offers innovative solutions to fresh food distribution problems

By John Bare, vice president, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation | The third wave of innovation in urban ag is upon us, and it’s all about supply chain and distribution. The first wave of innovation demonstrated the potential to grow fruits and vegetables in the middle of cities. Worldwide, now 800 million people are […]

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