New nonprofit job board launch next week

By February 15, 2016Uncategorized

The Charitable Advisors team is excited about upgrading its Nonprofit Job Board. The change will take place early next week, and we want you to be prepared. The primary change in the new system is that both employers and job seekers will have on-line accounts to help make the job search and candidate review process easier.

In 2015, nonprofit employers posted nearly 1,000 nonprofit job openings on the Central Indiana Nonprofit Job Board. Many nonprofit employers tell us that we are their #1 source to find and hire new employees.

On Monday, Charitable Advisors’ Nonprofit Job Board will upgrade to the latest version from our vendor, ExactHire. Employers will still post ads by e-mailing to and job seekers will still find job openings using newsletter links or by clicking “Nonprofit Job Board” on the website home page at .

Job advertisers –

  • What changes? – Each employer’s designated contact will have an account set up by Kristen that will provide easy, on-line access of all applicants for the advertised position. This will eliminate employer e-mails for each applicant. Employers still have the option to link job seekers directly to their websites or internal job boards.

Job seekers –

  • What’s the same? – Job seekers still are able to view all job postings at no cost and without any login. Job postings in the newsletter will link to the specific job. Alternately all postings can be accessed by going to and clicking on “Nonprofit Job Board” at any time. Job board postings will be updated multiple times each week.
  • What changes? – When an applicant is ready to apply for a position, he or she will be asked to set up an account with a password. Each time he or she applies for a position, it will require a login to his or her account to apply. There are two primary benefits to this new process – 1) job seekers will not need to input basic contact information with each application, and 2) the system will keep a record of all the positions/employers for personal reference.

If you experience problems or have questions, we encourage job seekers to reach out to Julie at and employers to correspond with Kristen at: Charitable Advisors will develop an FAQ for future reference.

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