Building trust with donors

by Andy Canada at Johnson Grossnickle Associates |

One of the most important things an organization can do to guarantee long term success and support from donors is to instill and cultivate trust between the organization and its donors. Millennials in particular value trust with an organization, with 84% saying they will only donate to organizations they trust and 90% saying they will stop giving if an organization loses their trust. Organizations should never take trust for granted as it is a foundational building block.

Here are some steps to help build trust between an organization and its donors.

Clear Communication

  • Spend enough time talking to donors and explaining your mission
  • Give updates on projects and initiatives
  • Present clear and concise case statements
  • Ensure staff and volunteers are communicating the same message

Provide Transparency in Philosophy and Finances

  • Be specific about how contributions are being used
  • Clearly explain how unrestricted funds are used
  • Use giving guides that show specific mission-driven uses for funds, i.e. “your donation of $25 will feed a family for one week”
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