Need help with the Job Board?

  • Access the admin area at
  • Log in with your Username and Password.
  • You can access this login page from the Charitable Advisors Job Board under Resources > Employer Login.
  • Your username and password are provided by Charitable Advisors.
  • Whenever you place a new ad, your confirmation will include a reminder of your username and password.

Working in the HireCentric ATS :

Jobs Dashboard

Immediately upon logging in you will land on the JOBS Dashboard > Job Listings Tab. You will see your current Job Listings by default. If you would like to view older Job Listings click the “Show Inactive” link at the bottom of the page. Note: All Job Listings will be automatically archived after 60 days.

  • To view your Job Listing information click the magnifying glass.
  • The Apps column indicates how many applications you have received to date.
  • The drop down menu on the far right provides some applicant report style options. All of which are also available on the APPLICANTS Dashboard.
  • The All Applicants tab is a report tab providing information on all applicants for this job.

Applicants Dashboard

When you click on the Applicants Dashboard you will see a list of your open jobs as well as some statistical information on number of views, started applications, completed applications, qualified applicants, and applicants with no status assignment.

  • Click on the title of the job to see the applicants for the job.
  • To open the applicant record for an applicant click on the magnifying glass next to their name. (More details on the applicant record below.)
  • To archive unqualified applicants click the down arrow next to their name. Note: Archived applicants are not removed from your record, only hidden from your view. If you would like to see archived applicants expand your filter options by selecting archived or both in the Active drop down menu and click Refresh.
  • To make an applicant active again click the up arrow next to their name.
    Track your qualified applicants by using the Status drop down menu on the far right.
  • Use the Source and Status Tabs to find report style information related to applicant source and assigned status.
  • Use the Send Emails tab to send emails to multiple applicants with ease.
  • The Charitable Advisors team has setup two email templates (Turndown and Delay/Change) to allow you to communicate with all or some of your applicants.

Applicant Record

  • Each applicant record will open in a new tab of your browser.
  • The upper left corner is the applicant’s account/contact information. You can email the applicant directly by clicking on their email address.
  • The Summary Tab will show the whole application but you may choose to use the tabs moving to the right to focus on specific sections.
  • The icons on the right side allow you to forward the applicant information outside of the ATS, Spotlight the applicant to another user from your team, and Print the application.

General Tips

  • To see an explanation of any icon in the system hover your mouse over the icon.
  • Contact for assistance from the Charitable Advisors team.
  • Use the Help Dashboard for assistance from the HireCentric Support team or contact

When to contact Charitable Advisors:

  • Posting a new job
  • Edits to existing job listing
  • Closing a job prior to assigned ending date
  • Adding or changing job screening questions
  • Questions with your User (new password, new user, unable to login)

When to contact HireCentric Support:

  • An error message appears on your screen.
  • An applicant has contacted you with an inability to submit their application.
  • Questions regarding viewing applicants, forwarding applications, or printing applications.

Bypassing the HireCentric ATS:

If you prefer to have applicants apply directly through your website and bypass our applicant tracking system, please provide a link to a job posting page to Kristen at when you submit your ad.

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