2018 Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report

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ATTRACTING AND RETAINING TALENT continues to move up the priority list of nonprofit leaders across the Central Indiana community. We are pleased to offer this latest salary survey information as a critical tool for local nonprofit leaders. With 255 organizations participating, it is almost twice the typical nonprofit salary survey, and is designed to provide more accurate and useable data.

Next salary report will be published in the summer of 2021

Next salary report will be published in 2021


Download 2018 Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey Report

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This fifth edition of the Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey was funded by The National Bank of Indianapolis, Charitable Advisors, FirstPerson, and Von Lehman CPA & Advisory to ensure it could be delivered to the nonprofit community at no charge. Additional information is provided about these sponsors throughout the report and we encourage you to thank them and/or contact them if you are looking for counsel or services in their areas of specialty.

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