Talassure: Talent Management System

The right candidate in the right role improves success for your employee and your organization.

  1. Assess your current team to define the characteristics of your successful employees.
  2. Assess high potential candidates.
  3. Select the right match as it aligns to your job profile. Prepare the candidate and manager for future coaching.


Comprehensive Assessment for top-tier positions – Cognitive, Personality, and Motivation
The TalassureMX is a reliable, comprehensive assessment used throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Use the TalassureMX to gain objective insights in the core behavioral traits, occupational interests and reasoning ability of your professional staff. This critical information is used to match people to the right job in your organization.

Use the TalassureMX during hiring, on-boarding, promotions, employee development, coaching and succession planning. By using an assessment tool you can remove bias and more effectively determine:

  • Which job candidate is the best fit for a position.
  • Whether an individual is likely to be happy in a new role.
  • The coaching or areas to monitor for engagement and success.


Job matching for your mid-level workforce
TalassureM is the only assessment in the marketplace that was designed to help you identify, select, onboard and manage your mid-level workforce. This cost-effective assessment can be administered in a short amount of time while still providing a wealth of in-depth information. Adding TalassureM to your existing process also helps you train more talent and deliver on your organizational mission.


  • Shows you which candidates are best suited for particular jobs
  • Reveals each candidate’s behavioral traits and reasoning skills
  • Builds upon insights gained during the pre-employment process
  • Enhances employee development activities


Pre-employment assessment for entry-level candidates
The entry-level candidates you hire today could become your organization’s future. That’s why it is so important to identify the best talent right from the start – high achieving employees who perform their duties with integrity. When you integrate our entry-level assessment into your existing hiring process, you will be amazed at your improved understanding of your candidates. Now you can base hiring decisions on data, not just assumptions.

TalassureQ is an entry-level employee assessment for:

  • Showing whether a candidate’s core personality indicates a “will do” attitude toward the job
  • Reveals if candidates “can do” the job by measuring if their cognitive ability will be sufficient enough to handle the job complexities
  • Indicates the level of conscientiousness a candidate brings to the job
  • Uncovers important information about a candidate’s employment history

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If your organization is ready to take a more consistent, scientific approach to assessing job candidates for fit and equipping current staff for success, Talexes assessments should be on your radar. We have partnered with Talexes to use their assessments in our own Executive Searches and to provide affordable hiring solutions for central Indiana nonprofits.