Frontline Perspectives

October 2020 — Next critical step for board members is to look forward with the mission in mind

September 2020 — Will virtual board meetings become the new normal?

August 2020 — Would your organization be stronger with a partner?

July 2020 — Should we close that program? 

June 2020 — Time for the Retirement Conversation?

May 2020 — As the community re-opens, what is on your agenda?

Mid-April 2020 — What to do when a key staff member is unavailable?

April 2020 — Paycheck Protection (PPP) loans for nonprofits

Late March 2020  —  How are you coping?

March 2020 — Time to talk about year-end retirements 

February 2020 — What’s the right approach when CEO is retiring?

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