Want an affordable ED/CEO Search option?

In 2018, we partnered with 17 local boards of small- to mid-sized nonprofits to recruit and hire capable new staff leaders.

Common concerns of doing it without professional help 
  • The hiring committee has unrealistic expectations that a pool of great candidates will be attracted by a few job ads. Intended outreach efforts often fall short.
  • Busy board members struggle to stay on top of application administration, candidate review and screening and candidate communications, sometimes losing viable candidates to other roles.
  • Funders and donors lose confidence in an organization without an executive director/CEO or a clear path to find one.
  • Staff can be frustrated that the search process isn’t moving forward.
  • The hiring committee is unsure how to handle compensation and benefits to address the final candidate’s expectations. Questions arise through the process that no one is sure how to address.

We recognize that board members are busy, and few have time to professionally administer a search, screen candidates, and address the myriad of questions and issues that arise.

Charitable Advisors’ finds the right leadership fit

We’ve supported more than 70 nonprofit CEO/EDs’ transitions for nonprofit organizations ranging from four to over 400 staff members and with annual budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand to over $20 million.  The Charitable Advisors team has “been there and done that” for most questions and circumstances that arise through the search process. We have a team of experienced nonprofit recruiters to walk alongside your board leadership through the transition process, whether retirement is three years away or you are facing the unfortunate dismissal of your ED/CEO.

We are an affordable solution

By design, Charitable Advisors focuses on attracting local candidates for local jobs, so our pricing model makes us a viable and affordable option for smaller organizations doing a search. Our fee structure is typically 1/3 – 1/2 the budget of a full-service executive search firm for a national search.

About Bryan Orander

Charitable Advisors’ president Bryan Orander has 20 years of leadership and consulting experience. Bryan Orander was one of the first consultants in the country trained in the Executive Transition Management (ETM) model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Averaging 15 searches a year, Charitable Advisors has done more nonprofit searches in Central Indiana than any other firm, by far.

Leadership Transition Service Packages

Recruit a new CEO or Executive Director

How the Charitable Advisors team partners with you:

Step 1: Clarify Your Needs – work with your board and/or Search Committee to understand your needs, define a timeline, ensure appropriate communications strategies are considered, and develop a clear description of the role and responsibilities.

Step 2: Solicit and screen candidates – we take the lead, with board/staff support, to promote the position through job ads, networking, social media, e-mail campaigns, and our growing database of capable leadership prospects.  Candidates are evaluated for fit and engaged to learn more about the organization and their qualifications. Charitable Advisors recommends a slate of 6-12 candidates for consideration.   

Step 3: Interview Support – we communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, draft questions for group interviews with the Search Committee and debrief interviews to assist the committee in narrowing the candidate pool.

Step 4: Final Agreement – assist the Search Committee in developing its recommendation to the board, reaching agreement with the candidate, and setting the new leader up for success. Charitable Advisors ensures all unsuccessful applicants receive a polite turndown.

Your partner – throughout the process, we bring our experience with more than 70 nonprofit ED/CEO searches to provide you with answers and alternatives as questions and circumstances arise.

ED/CEO succession planning

ED/CEO beginning to think about retirement? Board leader concerned that the organization would be in trouble if something happened to a key staff leader?

We can do a succession planning “checkup” a couple years ahead of the anticipated retirement date to provide the organization and leadership with a step by step timeline and suggestions to be better prepared. Download our Emergency Succession template

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