“1 2 3 and Done” Expert Series Consulting Group

Last fall, Charitable Advisors did a listening tour with some small- to mid-sized nonprofits and a few area funders. The goal was to identify fundraising consulting needs and possible niches where we could serve.

There was near universal agreement about the extreme fund development needs of smaller organizations, particularly those with no dedicated fund-development staff or having the infamous “one-person development office.” There was also near unanimous agreement that these organizations did not have the budgets to hire the traditional, dedicated fundraising consultant, much less the time to research and hire. Webinars and episodic training events seldom met their needs.

This spring, Charitable Advisors will help you address five important fund raising topics through our new “Group Consulting” format with local fund raising experts. We are calling this the “1 2 3 and Done” Expert Series with each group including only four to eight participants. Over a 30- to 60-day period, each group will meet three times and work with an experienced consultant in their area of expertise. Each session is 2 ½ hours and will include new content, group discussion, application, and individual coaching. Consultants will check in between sessions to ensure every participant is on track. Participants will complete the third session with a finished product or final draft, depending on the topic.

Charitable Advisors is providing small- to mid-sized nonprofits with access to industry experts in an affordable format with a specific, tangible end-result. Think of it as saving money by splitting the cost of your personal trainer with several friends. No need to identify consultant names, mess with RFPs, or negotiate expensive contracts. Save $100 (Only $595) if you register by April 14. All sessions will meet at Charitable Advisors Group Consulting space in Castleton Business Park at 6515 East 82nd Street – Ste 208. Please contact Julie@CharitableAdvisors.com about discounts for multiple attendees or registration for multiple topics.

Spring seats are limited for each topic. Registration is now open. Two potential start dates are noted for each topic/consultant. After the first four registrations for each session are received, all dates for that topic will be scheduled to meet first participant’s calendars.

Create a Donor Engagement Tool to Launch Your Major Gift Effort
T.J. McGovern

TJ McGovern

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TJ brings a strong background in higher education and major gift fund raising plus leadership in small local arts and human services organizations. Most development shops have brochures, binders, pitch decks, or PowerPoint. This amazing visual tool drives and supports the dialogue with a potential investor. It grabs attention and actually allows for a triple ask! Great engagement tools have three components: engagement, discovery, and authenticity. This one page document will help create a strong funding rationale.

Possible start dates:  Friday, April 28 or Friday, May 5.

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Prepare to Hire and Retain your Development Director
Jessica White

Jessica White

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Are you planning to hire a new development professional on your team?  Have you hired development staff in the past and it hasn’t worked out?   In this group consulting opportunity you will learn how to assess the real development needs of your organization, how to create the proper job description, and how to advertise for and interview to hire the most successful candidate for your organization’s specific needs.  A small investment now will prevent major fundraising loss in the future.

Jessica (Jessica White Associates) brings more than thirty years of developmentexperience, as both a staff leader and consultant with organizations of all sizes and sectors.She will work with participants to address one of the biggest challenges of our time, effectively structuring the development director role and position description to be able to hire the right person and keep them.

Possible start dates:  Thursday, April 27 or Tuesday, May 9

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Capture Compelling Success Stories
Nora Hiatt

Nora Hiatt

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Nora is a skilled writer, documentary film maker, and former producer of Sound Medicine on WFYI. She has been a reporter, writer, producer and story teller for a wide range of nonprofits across central Indiana. Whether you need stories for your website, social media, or newsletters, Nora will help you discover and craft three of your best stories to engage supporters and share your impact.

Possible start dates:  Wednesday, April 19 or Friday, May 12.

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Getting Your Stakeholder Communications in Shape
Mark Eutsler, Ph D

How many times have your said or heard, “We have a communications problem?  In this group consulting opportunity you learn how to develop a communications plan that “right-sized” for your organization, how to clearly express it, and how to measure its effectiveness.  This planning process can also be applied to marketing and development plan in your organization.  It will help everyone involved to be on the “same page” and speak the same language about communications.  A Pre-Consultation Survey will be used to help tailor this experience to the needs of the group and develop engaging ways in which participants will share insights useful to others while accomplishing their goals of getting their stakeholder communications in shape.

Mark Eutsler

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Mark has been coaching and consulting with nonprofits in the areas of fund development,  marketing, and board leadership through The Edge, his firm, in addition to teaching marketing, communications, and leadership at Indiana Wesleyan, University of Phoenix, and Purdue University.  In this session, Mark will help participants develop a marketing and communications plan and strategy that is “right-sized” for their organization to be able to actually implement and measure results.  Participants will engage in a reflective communications review of their organizations and how to keep an eye on desired results throughout the planning process.

Possible start dates:  Wednesday, April 26 or Tuesday, May 2.

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Build a Framework for Grant Research and Proposal Development John Borders

John provides clients with quality resource development and capacity building services.  Since 1999, he has served

John Borders

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over 135 clients domestically and internationally.  He is an accomplished proposal and grant writer, securing over $75 million for his clients to date. During these three sessions, John will assist each participant in strengthening their grant research and development processes. He will help them translate current efforts into a model that will improve proposal quality and reduce preparation time while also learning how to effectively target donors (which will include a list of prioritized donors), develop winning proposal materials, and successfully follow up with funders.

Possible start dates:  Tuesday, April 18 or Friday, April 21.

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