Salary Surveys

Salary information is important to help your organization attract and retain the talent you need to reach your mission and comply with IRS Executive Compensation regulations.

Charitable Advisors has been pleased to produce local Nonprofit Salary Surveys every other year since 2010 and Northern Indiana in 2012 and 2014. These surveys have been supported by sponsors and the efforts of the Charitable Advisors team so that they can be offered at no cost to nonprofit organizations.

Download the 2016 Salary Survey

2016 Nonprofit Salary Survey Cover

Every other year since 2010, Charitable Advisors has recruited support from local businesses to assemble and publish the nonprofit salary survey report. More than 240 area nonprofits participated in this year’s survey. In 2016, sponsorship support was provided by VonLehman CPA, First Person Benefit Advisors, The National Bank of Indianapolis, and Financial Technologies and Management. The survey solicits compensation and benefits information for twenty common nonprofit positions and then segments the information based on organization size, by either annual budget or number of staff.

Please complete this short survey in order to download the 2016 Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey.

2014 Salary Survey Downloads

salary-survey-2014-indy    salary-survey-2014-north

I want to personally thank you and the supporting organizations for seeing the value in creating a report like the Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report. For me, this tool has allowed me to see my own financial worth in comparison to my peers. My employer/board have wanted to increase my salary but really did not know how to calculate it. This report is such a well-done, thorough tool for the nonprofit sector and I feel lucky that Central Indiana has access, free at that, to a wonderful gift.

Mariann Bernlohr
Horizon's at St. Richard's Episcopal School