Fund-development services

Charitable Advisors is excited to begin our partnership with T.J. McGovern to add fund-development services to our consulting options.

T.J. brings more than 20 years of experience as a development officer and consultant that will benefit our clients. T. J. begins each development engagement with his Fundraising Summary Scorecard that informs leadership about your organization’s recent development successes and opportunities for improvement.

Charitable Advisors will offer a wide range of fund-raising services, here are some practical ways that we can partner with you:

  • Supporting the new Executive Director/CEO to assemble a plan of action and grow his/her fund development efforts. In 2017, Charitable Advisors supported 12 area nonprofits to recruit their new Executive Directors or CEOs. We know that new leaders have their plates full. T.J. can assist the new staff leader to review and benchmark the organization’s development efforts, set fundraising goals, and either support current development staff or define the chief executive’s development strategies, if he or she is also the chief fundraiser.
  • Supporting the new development director to assemble a plan of action and grow his or her fund development efforts. Whether your new fundraiser comes from the private sector or another development role, the organization has high expectations for his or her productivity. T.J. can help a new team member get up to speed faster and assist in developing goals and accountability measures.
  • Defining development staff roles and recruiting capable staff. If your organization is creating a development position or sees the need to make changes in how you have traditionally staffed a role, T.J. can help define the position. Additionally, the Charitable Advisors team can assist in recruiting that new staff person.
  • Assembling a development plan with your strategic plan.  Too many strategic plans end with great ideas but no plans to pay for them. Make revenue planning a key part of your strategic planning process or the first step in implementation with T.J.s assistance.
Contact Bryan Orander or T.J. McGovern to discuss how we can help.

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