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The retirement, resignation or dismissal of an executive director/CEO is often viewed as a traumatic time for an  organization. It is also a pivotal opportunity.

Over the last five years, Charitable Advisors has supported more than 40 nonprofit CEO/ED’s transitions for organizations ranging from four to over 400 staff member with   annual budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand to over $20 million.

Bryan Orander is one of the first consultants in the country trained in the Executive Transition Management (ETM) model — Prepare, Pivot, Thrive — developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Bryan’s training and practical experience can help support your board and staff leaders through a successful transitions. Contact him to arrange a no-obligation meeting with board leadership to explore your situation and develop a plan of action.

These can include:

  • assisting the board in assembling a “plan of action” and timetable for a departing executive director/CEO
  • preparing for the retirement of a long-term executive or founder
  • leading a “board conversation” about the current and future direction of the organization and the type of leader that will be needed
  • determining whether hiring an interim executive director is the best course of action
  • assisting to identify an interim executive director
  • conducting a short, objective, organizational assessment to help the board to identify issues that might be better to address before a new executive is hired
  • supporting the board in its search for the new permanent executive director/CEO



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Contact Bryan Orander at 317-752-7153 or Bryan@CharitableAdvisors.com to discuss your organizational needs and how we might support your nonprofit.

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Not-for-profits weather surge in turnover of top execs

By Lindsey Erdody, reporter, Indianapolis Business Journal  

It’s a good time to be searching for a high-level position at Indianapolis-area not-for-profits.

Local organizations have recently seen a spike in leadership turnover, with at least 80 organizations advertising for a new CEO, executive director or president since the beginning of 2017.

And that number might be a significant underestimation, because no research exists on the topic. IBJ compiled job announcements and postings for top-level jobs, but many not-for-profits quietly fill openings or promote from within without advertising.

“I think it could be double that,” said Bryan Orander, president of Indianapolis-based Charitable Advisors, which assists not-for-profits in job searches.

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